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Juliette sprinted towards the armoury. Her heart was still racing from the encounter with whatever that beast was and she could still feel herself being on edge. She did her best to ignore the sounds of people and creatures dying all around. The wind howled and she tried to convince herself that a lot of the noises she was hearing were just the wind howling through debris. She had never heard the wind cry for its mother or beg the God-Emperor for protection. Still, the most important thing right now was to get the civilians to safety. Quite where the safety was she hadn’t worked out, but she was hardly thinking clearly. She doubted anyone was. “One thing at a time” she told herself over the cries for mercy of the screaming wind.

The falling support beam had caved in the front third of the armoury, its roof bowing like a drunkard. Juliette approached and tried her best not to notice the crimson skid-marks and pulverised metal that showed the support beam’s path. *Perhaps was better they died…* Juliette thought to herself as she tried to find anyone living, or anything that was about to leap from its concealed position and devour her. *Perhaps they were the lucky one. Perhaps…* Juliette shook her head and forced herself to focus. She needed focus if they were going to weather this. The burst transmission had gone off. Help was on the way. Now they just needed to survive until it came.

Juliette ducked under where the support beam had wedged itself in the armoury walls, shotgun held before her prepared for the worst. “It’s a trooper!” came a voice Juliette didn’t recognise. She straightened and moved deeper into the cavernous interior of the armoury. From what she could see there was no dead and only a few wounded. *Wonderful!* she thought bitterly to herself. *The white caps are dead and none of these useless buggers died. Just my luck.* She felt bad the moment she thought it. She didn’t wish them dead. But what she needed was soldiers with weapons, not defenceless civilians.

There was no dead, but there was a lot of noise. She could hear people hammering at doors they were trapped behind. Arguments breaking out about what they should do. Some were shouting that they should grab arms and fight here. Other bellowed that they should get out of here, make a break for the tunnels. Others were wailing about how they were going to die. Some stared vacantly into space. Some were on their knees praying to the God-Emperor, although Juliette doubted could hear them over this racket. Some clambered around her, asking a hundred questions at the same time. Some of them hadn’t even noticed she had entered. This was panic, and it would kill them of that she was certain.

“Hey!” she shouted, but the racket drowned her out. “Hey!” She shouted with only moderately more success. “HEY!” She screamed but still she wasn’t being heard. Still the arguments and wailing persisted. Juliette growled to herself and fired her shotgun into the air. Everyone heard that and turned to look at who or what had fired. “EVERYBODY SHUT UP!” Juliette bellowed; her audience now captivated to her. There was still some sobs being held back some low-level mumblings by those too engrossed in their final prayers to hear anything else and those at the doors kept banging, trying to get freed.

“I need you to all do exactly as I say…” Juliette spoke, the fact that she had a weapon and knew how to use it giving her instant and ultimate authority. She still wasn’t quite sure what she was going to tell them to do. But a poor plan was better than pandemonium and blind fear driving these people. “…we need to get those people free from behind those doors. I want teams of 10 strong men or women working to move that rubble. Once they’re free, go no farther than shouting range and recover materials. Med-kits, weapons, armour. I want it all here.”

The civilians quickly divided themselves. Those who knew they possessed strength moved to clear the doors. She couldn’t have them going too far, in case some of those creatures had got in. At least if their fellow could hear them dying, she might have some warning. Not that she could do much with that warning. One shotgun was unlikely to help them much. Still, it might give her time to run. She watched men and women work as mothers comfort their children, and wondered whether they would last until tomorrow. She had no experience in mass assault defence. No one did really. She wasn’t even really sure what she was going to do once these civilians were free. Where would she take them? What would they do? One thing she did know, she couldn’t help them on her own.

She spoke into the vox, praying that there was someone on the other end to hear her “This is trooper Juliette requesting immediate assistance at the armoury. Multiple unharmed civilians trapped and need immediate evac…” The sound of blaring klaxons sounded over her words and she screwed her eyes shut and hoped she was imagining it. As she opened her eyes, the interior of the armoury was bathed in orange light. *Perfect.* Juliette snarled in her mind; just what they needed, a blizzard. “We need those civilians free ASAP people!” she yelled over the blaring noise. That was just perfect. Now she was trapped here with a bunch of terrified, unarmed civilians. She closed her eyes and prayed to the God-Emperor that none of those monsters had broken in. For now, they were on their own…

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