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Well I worked out the points and its 760 for an overlord with 2+ 3++, MSS, Scythe, Orb. Then 5 Lords with 2+, MSS, Scythe, then A harbinger of despair for teleports, and 4 harbingers of the storm for 12" Assault 4 haywire guns. Yeah the Lords only have 1 wound, but with a 2+ armour they are harder to kill than lychguard, and with the res orb it means they are getting back up on a 4+
Also if get rid of the harbinger of despair then put the unit in a ghost ark turn one and because its open topped they can assault out of it for added protection. Its a really expensive HQ choice but I think maybe for 3000 point games you could probably take it. Especially if the Scarabs work as I would imagine and make you take multiple tests.

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