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The doors where coming up slowly, far too slowly for Gordons taste. They'd heard the gunfire, then the request for assistance in the armory - but that was it. It was Skates, he knew it - they must have gotten through the walls in force. He gripped his lasgun tight, they would not get past him. The klaxons wail, and he freezes, he couldn't think of a worse time for this to happen, but he would still do his duty - the God Emperor willed it. The doors ahead opened slowly, and his gaze finitely searched the snow for any movement. A fist hit his shoulder, he turned to the trooper who had done it - Hale, he thought it was - and stared at him blankly. Hale rolled his eyes, "Blizzard Lights" Recognition dawned on Gordon, he hit the activation buttons on the three sections - it wouldn't due to get lost in a storm just as this.

Gordon stepped slowly out of the lift, his lasgun lifted to burn away any Skaters that dared to make themselves enemies of the Emperor. Suddenly, there was movement, and it wasint human. He squeezed the trigger, and was happy to hear a roar of anger in response. He faintly noticed the sound of other lasguns discharging as the troopers around him fired. But then, from the snow came forth a beast - standing far above the guardsmen. It ran forward, - making it obvious that it wasint an skater - clearing the ground between it and the entrance quickly. Two more beasts stepped out behind it, he squeezed the trigger, hoping to see the beast fall to its knees in death, it didint, not even stopping to wince in pain. The storm picked up, ice fell from the sky at a faster rate, and Gordon couldn't help but wince - it would be a terrible way to die. his rifle burned in his hand, heating up even in the freezing cold weather with the constant stream of fire he was putting on the encroaching beasts. Suddenly, the lead beast was down, a large chunk of ice sticking from its head the reason for its death, he moved his aim to the two behind it - click, Emperor Damn it.

Gordon released the depleted ammunition, grabbing a laspack from his belt, his gloved hands shaking, and shakily shoved it in the slot. Someone pulled at his shoulder, and he glanced to the left as he lifted his weapon - it was Hale again, who promptly yelled in "Scatter!" in Gordons face. Before he ran into the snow. Gordon was shocked for a second, had Hale really ran? had Gordon heard him wrong? Cowardice was a sin, worthy of battlefield execution - but apparently this thought had not crossed the other troopers, as each ran into the snow in random directions. Emperor damn them, he couldn't kill the beasts by himself, and dying alone would be useless. He sent a prayer to the Emperor, hoping to be forgiven for this grave sin before he sprinted to the left, jumping over a pile of rubble pushing his legs as fast as they go as he headed towards the shelter - hoping to the Emperor above that the beasts didint follow.
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