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Oh oh I love these things:

"The past is no further away than the last breath you took" - Robin Hobb

“A horse cannot wear two saddles” - Robin Hobb again

“The solidarity of people can bring down any system.” - From the film "In Hell"

The Five P‘s: “Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Production” - Neil Marshall

“Mankind united with infinitely greater purpose in pursuit of war than he ever did in pursuit of peace.” - From the film "Equilibruim"

“Knowledge and Power, the two great faculties of human spirit" - Eugene Ionesco

“One persons pain is nothing compared to the suffering of all” - From the film "Hero"

“It is easier to extinguish the Light within one’s self than to scatter the Darkness around” From the film "Night Watch"

And finally a slightly humerous one:

“If anybody ever tells you that guns aren’t fun... they’re lying.” by actress Sienna Guillory
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