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Ok, first time doing this but here we go!

Name: Veteran Brother Krixus Orison

Age: 370

Chapter of Origin: Iron Knights

Orison is a touch shorter than an average astartes though is muscular and broad even by their standards. Hailing from a high grab world this is natural to many who originate there and his stature is deemed acceptable within the parameters to have been labeled Homo sapiens, but only just.

Orison has a broad face with a strong jaw line. His hair is cropped short in a militaristic fashion and he bears 3 service studs above his left eye. The right side of his face is marred by a scar running from the temple to his lip, giving him the appearance of a permanent sneer.

Orison wears a suit of Mk7 Aquilla power armour though his left shoulder plate and greave are both studded heresy variants awarded for valour earlier in his service. Like all of his chapter he wears a small shield bearing his chapter logo upon the left of his chest. He wears a tabard at his waist detailing his many battle honours and his armour bears 4 purity seals placed on the shoulders, chest and backpack. The icon on his chest is a stylised aquilla. His helmet is a standard Mk7 variant with enhanced optics on the right eye. His service stuffs are mirrored on the helmet above the left eye. He bears a Crux terminatus on the knee pad of his right leg.

On his waist Orison has his 2 marksman awards on a chain as well as the skull of the arch sorcerer Mathletox who he personally decapitated. The skull is encased in gold and embossed with the aquilla on its forehead.

At his hip is a black scabbard held in place with golden chain, engraved on the scabbard are the names it's previous owners. Sticking from this is the golden hilt of his power sword.

Orison is known as being blunt and to the point, he will not suffer time wasting and dithering nor is he one for wasting time on idle chatter when actions could be made. This has led him to e a somewhat uninspired leader. Whilst he excelled in the position as a squad sergeant within the third company he is not destined to rise much further. He may one day command a stern guard squad but will more likely find his place in a post as a company champion or even the honour guard. This is a
Situation he is more than happy with.

Orison is a man of actions not words, though when he speaks it is usually of import, Orison thinks carefully about what he says. His attitude towards idle
Chatter extends to himself also.

A man who places much in skill at arms and honour Orison is well known in the chapters honour cages, readily able to settle disputes with blade rather than words. He will fight furiously to defend his brothers as well as those who he perceives to be honourable or those who show him honour and respect on turn.

Orison does not remember anything of his life before astartes save occasional flashes of deep cold and mountains of the chapters homeworld. Orison began his service with a devastator squad after being promoted to Initiate but found his home once he was promoted to the 4th tactical squad in the 3rd company. Orison preformed many feats of skill at this early stage in his career, gaining his first marksman's honour whilst half blinded by an Ork blade that later scarred his face. By his first century of service Orison was appointed as Sgt of 4th squad after his predecessor was slain during a boarding action against the Eldar.

During the Astelcross crusade Orison earned his position within the 1st company as well as his 2nd marksman's honour after shooting an eldar Aurtarch who was aboard a falcon that was moving at speed, placing his round into the xeno's head as the door was closing. Once on the 1st company he joined one of the Sternguard squads. Whist serving here he ended the Mathletox schism after he decapitated the possessed sorcerer with one blow.

Orison has proved his skill at arms many times, being awarded a magnificent power sword after slaying the Ork Weirdboy Zapzagga in personal combat he also slew no less than 4 Khorne Bezerkers in hand to hand defending the Beta 459 listening post from invasion. For these deeds and many others he was selected to attend the feast of blades.

Mk 7 plate with studded left pad and greave.
Frag and krak grenades
Bolt pistol
Power sword
Modified Bolter with Sternguard ammo and enhanced optical link targeting scopes. (Orison favours the longer range Kraken rounds and usually has these loaded)

Dark Angels 5th Coy 1.5k - 0-0-0
Vampire Counts 1k - 1-1-0

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