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Name: Watcher (Born Marcus Alexander Helstrom)

Age: 359

Chapter of Origin: Imperial Fists

Appearance: Youthful in appearance for his age, Watcher sports shoulder length dark brown hair and a lightly tanned completion. His facial features are strong and angular, broken only by a light scar across the bridge of his nose and his three metallic service studs. His jaw is covered with a light layer of stubble, "Just enough to light a flare" he often jests. Of average Astartes height and build, he looks every bit the part of a Sorn of Dorn, all but his eyes. A chilling combination of green and blue, almost ethereal to behold, and the last reminder of his once noble heritage.

Watcher has earned many distinctions during his long service to the chapter and his armour is adorned with dozens of honours and badges of glory. His left shoulder guard bears the chapter's sigil proudly, and his terminator honours adorn his right. Purity seals and imperial script decorate his venerable set of Mark VII armour. His most prized award is emblazoned on his helm, the seal of the Inquisition, a reminder of his term of service in the Deathwatch.

Personality: An observer by nature, Marcus is a man of few idle words. While helpful and quick to wit among his brothers, he prefers to spend his down time in contemplation and strategy. Trained in warfare from infancy by his father's advisers, and reinforced by the Chapter, Watcher is always seeking to improve his understanding of battle and can often be found with a data slate or dusty tome on strategy. He is slow to anger and often among the first sought for council by his brothers, and despite the infrequency of his words, knows exactly how to inspire courage in his allies and dread in his enemies. During battle Watcher retains his cool and calm attitude, always seeking to strike for maximum impact with a minimum of wasted movement or ammunition. In his own words "Not flashy merely efficient."

In dealing with those of other chapters or the Imperial guard Marcus is doubly vigilant, outwardly polite and respectful where appropriate but always watching for the taint that tore his homeworld apart.

History: Born to one of the most powerful families of the Veridus system. Marcus was the sixth son of the mighty Lord Gerion Helstrom, a decorated hero turned politician. Around the time of his birth, disputes over future inheritance between his elder brothers led to a split in the allegiance of the family, with two of the later-born leaving to begin their own House. With the family's wealth and estates shared among the eldest sons, Marcus became the inheritor of the family's military tradition and was tirelessly drilled in combat and warfare as soon as he could understand it.

On the eve of his eleven birthday, war erupted. Marcus' treacherous elder brothers had returned to claim what they saw as their birthright, and they were not alone, thousands of the planet's formally loyal defenders made war upon the noble families of Veridus in the name of their new found chaos masters. Lord Helstrom hastily mobilized what remained of the PDF and his household guard and met the traitors in the fields around the estate, however it soon became obvious that this was a battle he could not win. The heretics had allied with warp spawn and even with his brilliant military mind, Helstrom knew this feud could not end in victory. Sending out a distress call with the the highest urgency his status allowed he sold his life dearly.

Eight days later, drop pods rained from the sky as the Imperial fists 4th company arrived to cleanse the taint of chaos, the Astartes were greeted by the sight of a corpse strewn warzone. The last few dozen loyal soldiers were garrisoned inside the Helstrom manor, dangerously low on ammunition, and held together by the courage and leadership of an eleven year old boy. The battle was won by the Imperial Fists but the eldest of the traitor brother escaped. Marcus was tested thoroughly for the weakness that had claimed his elder brothers, and after finding nothing but a fiercely loyal and disciplined mind was accepted as an initiate of the Chapter.

In his first months of service, Marcus quickly acquired his call sign 'Watcher,' he had a keen eye for detail and an even keener aim but seldom spoke outside battle. Seeking to rid himself of any lingering trace of his families weakness, he adopted the callsign as his own, and though officially he is Marcus Helstrom to the Imperium at large; to the chapter he is simply Watcher. As his talent and understanding of warfare increased, Marcus found himself drawn to the art of strategy and the broader aspects of warcraft. While exceptionally skilled with both blade and bolt as all Imperial fists are required to be, Marcus is most lethal with a Stalker Bolter, able to employ the weapon with deadly efficiency in both attack and defense which has made him an exemplary member of the Stern guard and a highly effective devastator squad leader.

Over the next centuries, Watcher mastered the arts and disciplines of the Astartes and became a fine leader and mentor to younger generations of imitates. His greatest test however was found outside of the chapter, in service to the secretive Deathwatch. Called upon to end the threat of newly discovered and hyper agressive breed of insectoid Xenos, Watcher led his team of Astartes into their planet sized hives and deployed the virus bombs designed by the Inquisition. The mission cost the Kill team two outstanding battle brothers, and after his term of service Marcus traveled to both Macragge and Fenris to pay his respects.

Gear: - Stalker Pattern Bolter
- Relic Power Sword "Xiphos"
- Frag and Krak Grenades
- Mk VII power armour
- MK VII 'Deatwatch' pattern helm

Strike Force Crucible <--- deathwatch army log

You are charged with the crime of existance Xenos! - Watch Librarian Auron

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