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Taking a few shots at the creatures skittering towards him, Joric noticed that something odd was happening. Dozens of the chitinous horrors were vanishing into the snow, never to be seen again; what the hell is happening to these...things? He thought to himself. Then he felt something smack hard into his leg. Joric turned, his eyes caught sight of shattered ice pieces surrounding a small crater in the snow. The trooper's worst suspicions were confirmed at the sound of warning klaxons and flash of orange warning lights in the corner of his eye. Any native of Geminar can tell you what this means, that a storm is coming and that orange lights meant that this one was going to be deadly. More deadly than what we usually get.

Fear seizing him, Joric immediately broke into a run; desperate to find shelter before the rain of deadly ice reached ascendancy. The already frigid air around him was dropping to a more deadly chill; such was icy air that it even pushed the heat from his running away. A burst of wind coming from the heavens caught Joric off balance, but he remained on his feet albeit barely. It was when he was half-way down the stairs that another tempest blew towards him. This time, no longer able to maintain his balance, Joric fell and landed flat on his face in the snow. He reeled slightly from the fall but sprang, dazedly, to his feet. Another ice spike smashed next to him, this time remaining intact. "Frak!" he said aloud, realising another one almost hit him. He turned, to see other vehicles speeding away. Joric began to run once more, hoping to find one that wasn't moving and remained intact. In the chaos, he noticed that some of the transports had smashed into each other. No doubt these would make fine shelter. Immediately he run under the arch formed by the three twisted masses of metal, there he found four other PDF troopers. Relief briefly surged through him, but he realised that the entrance left them exposed to the deadly winds. "Quick! Get out your power shovels lest the wind chills our bones to ice!" So they grabbed their digging tools and began creating a shelter from the winds. It would be as the storm reached its peak deadliness as they finished their improvised wind shelter. The rain of razor sharp ice echoed in his ears and the wind howled, baying for the chilled blood of all that breathes. As they ducked into their shelters, Joric dearly hoped that the arch would not collapse on him and his fellows. Deep down he supposed it would be a painless way to go should it happen.

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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