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Without missing a moment, Oliver burst forward in a sprint. The rain of ice was not think yet at the point where he could stop ever now and then and look at the sky. Once the big icicle almost pierced his head if he had not literally thrown his body forward.

Continuing to run, he lunged and ducked beneath a rubble pile that seemed to have an opening, where he would be safe from the sharp downpour. Crawling through it, he appeared further down the battlements, in a straight road that would lead to the underground shelters. As he was running down it where the deadly icicles were thinner he couldn't help but think of the other officers he could know by name. He realized he might not see some down in the tunnels, that he might even find all were dead but this was no time to think of others.

He realized there was a chaos going on. Guardsmen were running about carrying packages, ammunition or just loads of weapons, to and from the front where the creatures had emerged. As he felt the chances of being impaled rising, he ducked under a sentinel that seemed to be left without a driver and then took advantage of an icy slope to swiftly slide down clumsily. Finally, on the main road to the underground shelter he couldn't help but notice groups of guardsmen running about in full equipment who probably were looking for helpless people to evacuate.
Oliver might have wanted to be in such a group but currently, with the bloodthirsty aliens running about and in the front he wanted nothing more than to arrive in the shelter so he sprinted again forward trying to make the best time possible.
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