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Lecutis felt a massive ball of ice smash into his right arm; leaving a heated throbbing sensation as it damaged the skin. All around him the hail pounded human an Tyranid alike, leaving both sides at the mercy of the weather. Lecustis waved the men around him towards the structures behind him; and ran like he had never done before.

A few minutes passed and suddenly the structures seemed farther away than he had initially thought. Damn, were never going to make it, he thought. Looking around he noticed a Sentinel coming up from the rear; one arm down and the other carrying a massive sheet of steel.

"Hey, Hey ya Bastard over here!" Grabbing the operators attention he ran towards the arm with the steel slab; the Guardsmen quickly on his heels. We felt a flood of relief as he got underneath it, but suddenly realized that it was becoming a fight for survival. Though himself and the operator were safe their were too many Guardsmen to all fit under the sheet. The situation presented itself to him and once again he took command.

"You there," he shouted, pointing at the inner most soldiers,"take your packs and give them to the men in the front. Form a shield, a Tetsudo, and keep the ice from breaking in. The soldier look at him dumbfounded and Lecutis, in a short fit of rage, tore the kit off the soldier back and tossed it to the nearest guy up front.

"Use that to shield yourself from above," he said. The man smiled at him, and suddenly the rest of them followed suit, taking everything but the coats off their backs to help the men in the front. For a few minutes Lecutis was proud of his handwork until he heard the operator yelp in surprise. Looking up he realized the steel plate and Sentinels roof were starting to give way under the relentless storm of ice. Remembering exactly what it had done to the monster from earlier Lecutis had no intention of becoming the next victim on his on home world; but what was he to do.

He did what he had always done. Closed his eyes and prayed to the God-Emperor that the damn thing would hold.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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