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I'll hop on board.
Name: Veteran Sergeant Inhuatli Esteban

Age: 405

Chapter of Origin: Crimson Fists

Appearance: In terms of appearance, Inhuatli is possessed of a dark reddish skin tone; no doubt a result of hailing from the more sun kissed parts of Rynn's world and is about the average Astartes' height. His head is somewhat bald, with the exception of a simple black, greying scalp lock laced with obsidian beads and a tattoo of the chapter symbol on the left side. The veteran's face alone can tell you of his story; though somewhat youthful looking, Inhuatli only has one natural, amber coloured, eye remaining. His right eye was taken by a stray Ork bullet during the defence of Somasi IV and now it is replaced by an azure glowing prosthetic. He also sports a simple beard, tied with a piece of cord.

Being a Veteran of the Crimson Fists crusade company, Inhuatli's power armour is ornately decorated to show this position. It is painted in the in the traditional blue colours of his chapter, as well as the red gauntlets and a red helmet with a white stripe to serve as an indicator of his membership of the 1st company and his rank of Veteran Sergeant. His right shoulder has a skull wrapped in a laurel wreath painted on it whilst the left is emblazoned with the symbol of the Crimson Fists. From his chestplate, hangs six purity seals, as well as inscriptions of worlds he has fought on. It is also adorned with a pure white loin cloth and his left knee is adorned with terminator honours.

Personality: A man of duality, outside of battle, he is a joker; always has been since before his initiation into the chapter and over 4 centuries of service in the Emperor's name has done little to diminish it. Inhuatli's sense of humour is dry, his sense of timing at inappropriate moments. Though his battle-brothers find his jokes tedious at best, but they wouldn't have it any other way. In battle however, the Veteran sets aside his sense of humour in battle, his encounters with the Dark Eldar teaching him that war holds no place for jokes, and becomes like a storm in the heat of battle. Many lifetimes of ranged combat have taught Inhuatli the true value of patience, knowing the appropriate time to act and when to hold back serves as his credo in the Chapter's Sternguard. As a result of the invasion of Somasi IV, hates the Greenskin hordes with every fibre of his being, having lost many a battle-brother to the bloodthirsty whims of the Orks, including those who served with him as part of a squad. However, it is also from the invasion that he has learnt to further respect the unaugmented humans of the Imperium for just as they are capable of the deepest cowardice, they are also capable of the greatest acts of courage when faced with desperate odds. Inhuatli still harbours a dislike of commanding officers who gained their ranks through prestigious birth rather than actually bleeding for it, but overlooks it if they prove to capable enough in their duties.

History: Inhuatli was born to a peasant family that lived in the more arid parts of Rynn's World. Life was hard, compared to the rest of the planet, there was no fertile soil. The locals were forced to hunt the creatures that wandered the wastes and those who were brave enough hunted in the toxic marshes towards the North. It was one day that the Veteran-to-be, aged 12, ventured into the swamps on his own. However, with more curiosity than sense, he had gotten lost. Were it not for his initiative and will to survive, the deeper parts of the swamp would have claimed him. A day into his sojourn, Inhuatli had stumbled across a ragtag group of youths in the swamp. Fearing that they were up to no good, he kept his his distance, but followed in the hopes they would lead him to safety. Four days of following through the most deadly parts of the swamps, Inhuatli's heart stopped as he came across a sight that he'd thought he'd never see; the Astartes of the Crimson Fists, the Emperor's Angels, were there overseeing these youths. With curiosity once more overcoming him, he walked out to see them up close. The chaplain at first seemed confounded at Inhuatli's arrival, but he wasn't the first young lad to randomly emerge outside of those originally chosen to undergo the trials. Alas, Chaplain Agosto was never one to turn down potential recruits who walk out of the mists. At the end of the day, Inhuatli was taken back to Arx Tyrannus, destined to undergo the procedures to make him into an Angel of Death

By Astartes standards, Inhuatli's time in the Scout company was relatively uneventful; They were usually sent to deal with petty revolts and small xenos groups who strayed into their assigned protectorates. It wouldn't be until his first year as a Battle-Brother in power armour that he would enter his first significant battle. The fight was against the Eldar Pirates of Commorragh and when they were beaten back, they took numerous Astartes with them back to the Dark City, some were Inhuatli's squad. As a result of such a dark outcome, the Crimson Fist would silence his razor sharp tongue when in battle, believing that it would bring bad luck to make light of such a situation. The next significant engagement would be against a large planetary rebellion, alongside Imperial Guard of the Onerasi 29th. Though the campaign was successful, Brother Esteban was somewhat disgusted at the expenditure of Guardsmen like Heavy bolter shells; disgust then turned to silent outrage when he learned that most of the Onerasi officers were aristocrats who have not been serving for a long time, some Lieutenants were even fresh from basic training. From that day on, he would harbour an intense dislike of officers who gained their positions through prestigious birth rather than bleeding to earn their ranks.

150 years later, now a Tactical Sergeant, elements of the 3rd and 5th companies would be dispatched to the night-shrouded planet of Morpheus Prime to deal with a small warband of Traitor Marines. When the Crimson Fists landed, they learnt the hard way that the Chaos Marines were not the only danger on this forsaken world. Within the perpetual darkness, lurked alien predators whose very claws and wings can penetrate ceramite as though it were incorporeal. Patience was key here, the creatures relied on the impulsiveness of their prey to make the best of an ambush; however their metabolisms required them to feed constantly, should the prey stay clear then they will hurl themselves so they don't starve to death. As soon as this was realised, the Crimson Fists slowed their advance down, dealing with the Night-spawned creatures and traitors along the way. It would be five months until the Angels of Death finally cleansed Morpheus Prime of the enemy, but such slow advance was worth the small number of casualties. Captain Drakken himself reckoned that if the they rushed the campaign, more Battle-Brothers would have been slain.

The final shaping moment for Inhuatli, now a Veteran of the Crusade company, was Orkish invasion of Somasi IV in 350.M40. He was assigned to the Terminator squads that defended the Mechanicum forges from Greenskin infiltration and sabotage. Slowly but surely, their numbers proved detrimental against the blessed armour of the Terminators. A day before the Lord Hellblade's return, a stray bullet penetrated a weak point in the lens of the helmet, rupturing the eye ball as it pierced deep. Upon learning of the destruction of the thunderhawk that carried fellow Crusade company veterans was shot down and set upon by the Orks. Having to make do with a slapdash ocular prosthetic, Inhuatli was a part of the final charge that finally saw Somasi IV freed from the Greenskin menace by the reinforcements. Alas, he had lost many good brothers during the war, warriors he had known since his recruitment into the Chapter. For that, the Veteran has developed an extremely intense hatred of the Orks, killing any who dare threaten the Emperor blessed Imperium he serves and bringing vengeance to all the honoured Veterans who were so mercilessly butchered by Greenskin.

  • Mark VII Power armour
  • Frag and Krak grenades
  • Combat knife
  • Boltgun with Sternguard ammunition
  • Power fist
  • Melta bombs

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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