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Default Blood of Dorn

Rogal Dorn, Defender of Terra and Master of the Imperial Fists. His Blood continues on, not in the form of a Legion of hundreds of thousands in the yellow of the Imperial Fists, but in the Chapters that call themselves his Blood and carry on his legacy. The fearless Black Templars, the daring Invaders, the fanatical Excoriators, the resurgent Celestial Lions,the stubborn Crimson Fists, the proud Iron Knights, the bloodthirsty Executioners, and above all the stalwart Imperial Fists. They are all the Blood of Dorn, and many legends across the Imperium speak of them. This is one such legend.


For the roleplay you will take on the role of an Astartes from the bloodline of Rogal Dorn; your Chapter of origin is up to you. You are veterans of your Chapter, not renowned heroes or something of the like, but you have served for at least three centuries and your names are known if not lauded. You are not specialists in rank but you are Veterans, and that is why you have been chosen for the honour that your respective Chapters have bestowed upon you. It is 451.M40, and you have all been invited to attend and observe, or participate in some cases, in the 702nd Feast of Blades.

The Feast of Blades is an tournament exclusive to the Blood of Dorn where Chapters send representatives to battle each other, the victor will earn honour and glory for his Chapter and earn custodianship of the Sword of Sebastus, the Dornsblade, and be recognized as a Champion of Dorn. For whatever reason you all have been invited to attend, one or two of you may even be participants in this illustrious affair, and you have all travelled to the warzone of Oriax IV where even now the Imperial Fists battle against the mutant hordes of Kysperina the Bewitching. Honour is awaiting you all, you merely need to claim it.

No matter what happens.

The Rules

1.) No God-modding.
2.) Respect your fellow players.
3.) For each post I want at the very least two paragraphs, and those paragraphs must have at least 5 sentences each of a decent length. I intend to give you plenty to post about so lack of material won't be an excuse.
4.) Updates will be once a week at the least, once every 10 days at most.
5.) Do not deviate from the character sheet.
6.) If you are unable to post warn me ahead of time, especially in a battle situation as your character will suffer injury if you don't post. That is a penalty for not posting and not warning me in advance.

Character Sheet


Age: (At least 3 centuries of service to your Chapter, otherwise you wouldn't be considered a veteran.)

Chapter of Origin: (The following Chapters are available for your characters. Imperial Fists; Black Templars; Celestial Lions; Crimson Fists; Excoriators; Executioners; Hammers of Dorn; Invaders; Fire Lords; Iron Knights. I do not want popular Chapters overshadowing the others so each Chapter is only available once.)

Appearance: (I want to know what your armor looks like in addition to how you look, Veterans can wear ornate armour so don't feel you have to be plain about it. And lets try to be varied in this as well, not every Space Marine is bald with a craggy and flat face.)

Personality: (I expect this to be the longest or at least the second longest part of your character sheet. Make your character unique, and explain your personality in detail rather than just stating facts and no background behind them. As Veterans you have served for centuries so don't skimp on the details.)

History: (Again as Veterans you will have served for centuries, and you are well known enough to be invited to the Feast of Blades or even asked to participate so feel free to put in some heroic deeds or famous battles. You aren't a new Astartes, so you've seen a lot and i'd like to see that kind of detail.)

Gear: (Your basic gear will be the same. MK VII Power Armour, Frag and Krak grenades, and a Combat Knife. But other then that you may choose what you like, as Veterans you would have access to advanced weapons. Take in mind your Chapter of origin when you choose your weapons and also try to be varied, lets not have 6-8 players with Power Fists and Plasma Pistols. I don't want to see a weapon being used by more than two players.)

Current Characters

I am looking for five players minimum, and eight maximum. We'll see how many we get.

1.) Inhuatli Esteban (Farseer Ulthris) (Crimson Fists)
2.) Marcus Alexander Helstrom aka Watcher (Kaiden) (Imperial Fists)
3.) Krixus Orison (Chaplain-Grimaldus) (Iron Knights)
4.) Isaiah Melech (Words_of_Truth) (Excoriators)
5.) Conric (Unxpected22) (Executioners)
6.) Caderyn (Dark Angel) (Fire Lords)
7.) Solomon Feunand (Deus Mortis) (Celestial Lions)
8.) Antaeus (Angel of Blood) (Black Templars)

And that is all. I hope that this RP gets to happen, because I have a very interesting plot in mind. And a quick note to all who read this and think it sounds simple, pay attention to the "No matter what happens" part.


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