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Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Nice work on the DP, not a huge fan of the model for 40k, much prefer the old one but the blue is a great start

I think I will do the wound as the very last bit, as I'm still in doubt as to whether should do it or not.

For now I have finished the flesh highlighting and gave it a blue glaze. The result is quite good and I'm happy with it!

I decided to mix a gold for the "runes" on his arms and legs, as I will be going gold and white cloth theme for him. Thinking both of the Lord of Change and The Thousand Sons, it looked to be a obvious choice for now.

However, I am not a fan of the current gold range from GW so I made a 33/33/33 mix of Hashnut Copper, Warplock Bronze and Auric Armor gold. This gives the old shiny gold that I also use on my Space Marines.

Today I will finish the rest of the armor (most likely the same gold. I did the parts yesterday and then went to sleep to see if I still liked it when I woke up.) and maybe the teeth and bones as well.

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