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It was turning out to be just one of those days on geminar. One of those days where things kept going wrong and just when you thought you were going to get a break, something else goes wrong, and right when you think it's the worse things are going to get, things get worse. Truth is it was just one of those days on geminar. First it was the word of tyranids, then it was the govoner sending out the SOS, then it was the monstrous tyranid crashing into the tower. It was getting to the point many were hoping that it wouldn't get worse, but it did. the klaxons started sounding and the storm rating lights on the sides of builldings and doors shifted from blue denoting a workable and habatable storm that was pretty much the daily norm for geminar, to orange, a color warning that tempatures were about to take a severe drop down to -130 C. It was at the point where things couldnt get any worse that Geminar decided to throw a level 4 storm at them. Windspeeds of up to 90kmph enough snow blowing around that a person could get burried in a matter of minutes, and chunks of ice as large as a small child falling from the sky with near murderous intent. now the troops faced a delema, retreat back to the depths of the base to stay safe from the storm, and possibly fight the nids in hallways and corodores, or stay above ground fighting to the last to buy the civilians time to escape and hope their cold weather gear holds out. someone had to make that call, but with how things were going, by the time the call was made it would be too late.

As it stands the front wall was being beseiged by an army of gaunts, the armory had been cleived in half by a fallen support beam from the govoner's tower, and bigger and badder nasties were sprouting up throughout the base causing general havoc. but no mattter where you were, or what you were doing, the sound of those klaxons always took priority.

================================================== ========================
: You all notice the sound of the klaxons sounding as well as the change of storm lights. this is something that's drilled into you from the first moments of your life on geminar. the colors, what they mean, and what happens if you're caught outside. Please converse in the OOC thread on whether you wish to buy the civis time to retreat, or retreat yourselves.

Joric Talund : as you look on towards the oncoming horde, you see dozens of them suddenly vanish into plumes of snow. several more of them vanish before the sound of an impact to your left and a harsh thump to the side of your leg catches your imedate attention. you've been struck by some icy shrapnel from a child sized spear of ice. moments later you hear the klaxons sound and out of the corner of your eye you spy the lights change from blue to orange. scrambling off of the wall you seek shelter from the coming storm. staying out like that wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do.

Anthony Lecutis: The Ravaner reals in pain and dives back into the hole it had emerged from in the first place. all around you havoc continues to break out at every turn. tyranid warrriors had broken through at some point. though as you and your companions start to gather yourselves after the ravaner retreated, the sound of the klaxons sound just as you whitness a warrior make a charge for you only to get beaten down by an onslaught of child size hail. you and your fellow guardsmen make a mad dash for cover but find none. your only solace comes as a sentinel missing it's drill arm runs towards you with a slab of steel clasped in it's lifter arm. taking cover underneath it you can hear the ice as it impacts the makeshift shield threatening to punch through at any moment.

Oliver DÝvig: the creature that had been assailing you lay dead, and the sound of the heavy stub guns to your rear still bark and roar as the gunners try and mow down the gaunts... but with the storm coming in the distance you see the effects of it even before the klaxons sound. The sound of the gunner to your rear's constant firing goes silent. you didn't even hear the impact over the sound of his guns. turning around you see a spear of ice the size of a child sticking out of the man's chest pinning him to his seat. then the sound of several impacts echo out throughout the wall. child size spears of ice began falling from the sky at high speed being hurled towards the wall. then the sound hits, the klaxons begin to sound and the lights on the wall go from blue, to orange.

Boris Kavrov: the warrior you killed appeared to have friends who take the opportunity of you rushing off towards one of the problem points to assault you. your only warning is the machine spirit who promptly warns you of hostiles to the rear. spinning round the emperor shines on you and one of the warriors makes an ill fated leap straight into your power lifter while the other manages to leap into the same place where the previous one who had assaulted you in the first place, trying to claw at the same exact spot to break through the armored hide of your sentinel. you can almost feel the one warrior thrash around in your power lifter as you release the controls and ready your rifle at the view port just as the tyranid tries to stick it's head through the port that's a few sizes too small for it. loosing a few shots into it you see it drop to the ground before you set yourself back into your seat. that's when you notice it, the thrashing about you'd felt earlier from the trapped warrior , it wasn't there anymore. pearing over to your power lifter you see the warrior speared by a child size chunk of ice before the klaxons sound and your sentinel reals from a heavy impact from the rear. your sentinel has the armor to stand up to the storm, but it would not be a pleasant ride... and keeping it on it's feet would be a feat in itself.

Jewels: making your way inside the armory you find only a few injured. it seems the emperor had graced the occupants of the armory with his favor as not a single person lay dead from the fallen beam inside the armory. many are trapped behind doors but no one is dead. as you rummage through the armory to free the civilians you hear the klaxons sound and the storm lights change from blue to orange, things had just gotten worse, much worse.

Gordon: you come up from the vehicle bay lift as a member of the reinforcement group moments before the klaxons sound. on the way up on the lift you hear the sounds of battle overhead but the slow lift seemed to have a flair for the dramatic. with the klaxons sounding still the doors open even as they start to be pelted with child sized chunks of ice falling from the sky. the rest of the reinforcements turn on their blizzard lights so the rest of the group could keep tabs on them, less they be lost in the storm. a group of warriors try and make a rush for the vehicle bay, but you and the rest of the reinforcements stand in their way.

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