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Right, now that the project log has been established, let's get on to the first model that I'm currently working on; A daemon prince of Tzeentch. That's right, the very first Tzeentch unit!

This is my first model with a blue theme, so it's very much a experiment for me - I use the techniques from the previous models, but are trying out what colors to use for the theme overall.

So far I have it primed, 1 layer of wash and the first highlight. Currently it looks like this:

I am missing 1-2 highlights yet, but so far I'm liking the hue of the blue.

I'm currently contemplating what the metal parts should be (on his arms, legs, etc.) but I'm thinking gold as it is Tzeentch. The cloth will probably be a shade of white.

When the final highlights on the skin is done, I will post another update.
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