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Default All things Chaos: Nordicus's Chaos project log

Right, time to jump into this whole project log business.


I love Chaos. Simple as that. I think that both the Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines are awesome armies, with great variety and some very awesome looking models. They were my first choice and my last - I've never regretted it, never reconsidered and never looked anywhere else.

Seeing as my armies are reaching some decent sizes, I thought it would be time to start a project log. So here goes.

This project log is for both of my armies. Every time I start a new model I will upload my progress in this thread going forward. I hope you will enjoy this log and I welcome any feedback, tips, salutations and hugs.


The painted models so far can also be seen at these 2 army pages:

Chaos Space Marines:

These are primarily painted in the Black Legion style. I've always liked this theme and the fluff behind the Black Legion. I do take my liberties at certain places (specifically the gold/silver ratio on the armor) and on models such as the Plague marines, but overall I stick to the theme for now.

This army is at roughly 2.500 points so far.

Chaos Daemons:

For now it's primarily Khorne. I really enjoy the speed and general carnage the Khornates can produce and so far they have been working great! I'm slowly but steadily moving into the Tzeentch department now however, but will only display the finished painted models in this army list. After this, I'm not sure which god to choose - We shall see!

This army is also at roughly 2.500 points so far.

Picture examples

For some examples of my work so far, here are a few to start off with. The rest of the painted models as of today can be found in either log, along with the amount of models that are in each army:

Chaos Daemons:



Chaos Space Marines:
Chaos Lord


Chaos Space Marines

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