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"Hey guys, we got a bloody Prime heading our way. Looks like we might hit the jackpot!" Anthony Lecutis forgot about the troubles of earlier and grabbed his Rifle; ready to get him a skate. For not only was the money good for killing these worthless sods, but also he could boast about it to his young son.

As the target closed something bothered Anthony. Not only were the parameters different from normal Skates. Plus it seemed to have arms...or were those mandibles. Anthony took a few steps back and thank the Emporer he did. The ice erupted and a massive creature not even close to a skate emerged from the thick ice. It had massive claws and roared like the daemons themselves.

Anthony stood paralyzed as the monstrosity in front of him preceded to slaughter it's first few victims that were the closest to the whole it had made. A Gaurdsmen with quick reflex amanged to get a shot off before being disembowled alive by the creature. Left and right it swung it's deadly arms that were as much an extension of it's body as of it's malicious will. After a few seconds Anthony snapped out of his daze and raised his Las-Rifle; aiming for the creatures head. The Ravenor though was too quick and Lecutis first few shots missed their mark.

Lecustis mind slipped into that trance-like state, and everything layed out in front of him like a playing field. He barked at a nearbye Guardsmen to start firing on the creature; which got the others to join in. The shots had the effect he wanted, but still didn't kill the creature. waiitng till the Ravenors attention was drawn he dropped his rifle and charged strait into the beast. It swung it's head towards him, recognizing the sudden threat, only to find a Las-Pistol pointed squarely in the monster's face.

"For the Emporer," Lecustis cried and depressed the trigger.

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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