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So with today's blog announcement we know that all of these short stories will be available in one anthology at Games Day. Angels of Death. And it will contain the following Chapters;

Silver Skulls
Doom Legion
Space Wolves
Iron Hands
Howling Griffons
Emperor's Warbringers
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Brazen Claws
Black Templars
Grey Knights
Imperial Fists
Death Spectres
White Scars
Angels Penitent/Angels Resplendent
Raven Guard
Marines Malevolent
Doom Eagles
Scythes of the Emperor*
Blood Drinkers*

Two more Chapters remain to be revealed, Friday and Saturday's short stories. And three unique stories* that will not be ebooks have been confirmed, the first of which features the Scythes of the Emperor and the second of which features the Blood Drinkers. Without a doubt this is the most varied anthology that BL have ever done, there are at least seven Chapters here that have never been written about before and two of them were just names in the Loyalist Chapter List prior to these stories. BL need to do these kinds of anthologies more often.


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