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Originally Posted by The_Werewolf_Arngeirr View Post
it does not have to do with the "age" of the army, King Gary, it has to do with GWs writing team being gaga over their poster boys with the 6 loyalist Codex's (C:SM C:SW C:BA C:DA C:GK C:BT) a book upon traitor SMs (C:CSM) and an unenhanced human book (C:IG) so that is 8 armies all built with Humans as the core ideal. compared to the Xeno races which are C:Eldar C:Dark Eldar C:Orks C:Tyranids C:Necrons C:Tau. Note that over half of the Codex's in existance ARE Imperium, and the number of SM codex's alone matches the number of clearly Xeno races.
Yeah, I agree that that is the current balance as it has been since at least 3rd ed. But clearly the reason for that is market forces. Also the fact that a recent survey showed that 99.99% of GW's customers are humans, and when looking to take on a role in a story people are more than likely to go for what they can identify with at some base level. For most people it's harder to identify with an alien than it is a (genetically enhanced) super human. With GW you get your classic comic book set-up of ultra good and ultra bad (but essentially human) but unlike your classic comic books you also get a relatively speaking wide variety of complete allternatives. Could the Xenos' lore be more developed? Sure. But it's a whole lot harder to do than developing human based races and the finacial returns possibly aren't there quite yet.

Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
Oh of course I understand that, I have loads of ideas like that but as neilbatte said, space marines have the interchangeable kits about, like space wolves, black templars, dark angels, blood angels.

There's very little if anything like this for other armies which means you have to sacrifice a great deal of money to take your ideas for example tyranid hunting dark eldar just for the little components to add that fluff and originality to your legion. There's very little basic variations to go with is what I'm trying to get at. I understand taking an idea and making it happen but I have to say it's a lot harder to do that with a xenos force than it is space marines. I could come up with multiple variations of space marine chapters (Scythes of the Emperor using HH Death Guard bits for example?) that wouldn't leave me out of pocket because I'd be able to use every bit of the additional set in some shape or form.

P.S That Dark Eldar / Tyranid thing is a badass idea btw
You're talking to someone that just dropped over 40 on enough Forge World boarding shields for a single space marine tactical squad. Nice space marine armies aren't cheap either lol.

I guess i'm just trying to say that xenos races require a bit more effort, in all aspects of the hobby. From gaming and tactics through to painting and modelling. The old system of being able to order individual parts was awesome, if a little expensive too, but i'm sure it's still possible to get what you're after. I'd love to start a project that used Warhammer fatasy kits in a 40k army, litteraly zombie tau or something (how would you be able to tell? they're allready all so grey looking!)

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