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I agree with everything you said Varakir, space marines are very flexible and open to translation based on the amount of fluff they have. I wish the alien forces were equally as open and flexible.

With Marines there's stages you can go through to construct your chapter or build on existing chapters, you start at what the geneseed is from, that gives you a general feel for what the chapter CAN act like, then you can choose the way it decides to act on this via the way it forms it's forces, you can choose your colour scheme in a variety of ways as long as you try and form some sort of relationship to it's progenitor.

That's just basics but you can do a lot more, with Tau etc all you get is "What world are they from, what colour scheme is it" there's very simple character behind those worlds, there's some tag lines like "Fire warriors from this world are especially visious" or something..but that's not character that a minor trait.

Eldar are a step up but even then they lack the umph behind them..you got a dead craftworld, a craftworld that relies on dead people, a craftworld that enjoys speed, a craftworld that isolationist, a craftworld that still fights around the eye, then you have some characters that just highlight that but offer nothing else, and all the eldar forces come from those craftworld. I thought not many craftworlds survived the fall, apparently several have died in other codices and there's many more floating about, it feels constrained in this way though since the lore goes against there being many craftworlds.

Orks vary, but then when it comes to Orks they still fall into that similar pattern, this one likes speed, this one likes lots of guns, this one is stealthy and in the end they are orks, there's not meant to be cohesion to them so they kind of don't apply to my point.

They are on the right line with Commander Farsight, that's the first branch off from the traditional Tau, but in most cases once you've seen one tau or eldar force you've seen them all.

If they just added more divergent stories to the different worlds/craftworlds and add additional things that mark them out differently as opposed to different colour schemes, like the way space wolves are noticable because they have wolf pelts etc, blood angels have tear drops and body styled armour, salamanders have scaled cloaks, Ultramarines have a roman look etc etc, if they did something like that to the alien races and their different sub worlds then that would be great.

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