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Default Popularity of Aliens - Need more Divergence?

Anyone else think that if alien armies had as much divergence and originality that the space marine legions and chapters do they'd be a lot more popular?

I mean what makes me want to play marines is choosing a specific chapter with some info on them and then forming my own little backstory for them and there's 100s of chapters to choose from. Aliens though like eldar, necrons, dark elves etc have "some" different scheme and uniqueness but you can count them on one hand and the ability associate with them is a bit different. For Eldar you can do different craftworlds, but there's no many, that's due to lore, for necrons there's some dynasties but necrons are still struggling to come to terms with them. For tau there's some different paint schemes, but there's very little character behind the different schemes, likewise with Tyranids, it's the same for Orks, you have 5 or 6 big tribes that everyone seems to come under in some shape or form and that influences how your army is made.

Space Marines just seem a lot more open interpretation and deviation than the alien races, maybe that's just me though. I keep seeing different chapters and want to do them (Angels Penitent being the most recent) but I have a marine force already and it would be pointless, however if I had that same feeling for an alien force, I'd jump on it.
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