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Originally Posted by Anakwanar View Post
Interesting idea to do this, but right now, i don't like where BL is going.

Serial novels (with the omg prices for episode); 1 thousand words shorts (with the omg prices for each); Limited editions novellas(with the omg prices - and OMG + delivery); anthologies (here prices are ok - but the last 2 anthologies were shit); reprints and etc.
Personally I don't have a problem with the 1k shorts. What's appealing about them is that it allows writers to explore lesser known chapters where there is no market or outlet otherwise and the three I've purchased so far have all been strong (Silver Skulls, Novamarines and Blood Angels).

The serialisation I'm less convinced by and I'd rather wait for the whole thing, and the limited edition novellas are becoming a joke considering their regularity and shall we say, dubious quality of writing.

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