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Originally Posted by Anakwanar View Post
To The Scion of Chemos

Just to clarify things - New G&F - already read; Malodrax - already read
Talon of Horus; Stormcaller; Wolf of Sigmar, Master of Death - will not be released in 5 months period
And new news - Warmaster (Gaunt Ghosts) was postponed till July 2014 - Dan has too many projects and simply can't write faster.
And in the next 5 months we will have 4 anthologies, 4 Limited (OMG) , 67 SHORT STORIES, 10 reprints
Now go figured - how is that better when last years
So, "new" and "new to you" are different. Those two aren't on general release, so I would still consider them to be upcoming.
I am going off of Amazon, who is not ALWAYS correct with their release info, as well as(in all of my experience) stuff usually comes out on BLs site roughly a month early, or so. So that would put those releases at 5-6 months or so? As well as if they have any event or are at any event, they will likely have that stuff early, and since you seem to get everything a decent bit early, they are still relatively "soon".
Dan does write A LOT of stuff, so I can definitely see why they would want to push it back.

What 4 anthologies and what 4 limited editions?
I only know of "There is Only War" as an upcoming anthology.
And as far as limited editions, the Gamesday short story anthology and Tallarn. What other ones are there?
I somehow doubt you know the exact number of short stories coming out in the next 5 months. Is that just a guesstamite seeing as how they have 1 a week, plus the rest of those leading up to the weekender?
I honestly don't see most reprints as a bad idea(I don't see the point in the "Classics" range, as you can get the omnibus for the same price), but I got into BL in 2011 or so, so the reprints can be a blessing for some of the newer fans.

Plus, BL likes to withhold info until the last minute, so they may well release some good stuff at random.
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