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Another update. The first of my Scourge squads is finally finished. This squad is titled the Deathshrikes and carry two Splinter Cannons, so their use in-game will be as a mobile infantry decimator.

I can't remember the exact colours used for these guys but the process was quite simple. A brighter green on the front of their armour while the skinsuit underneath was made a darker green to reflect that it isn't armour. The guns were done in black and silver with silver drybrushing and a sepia wash. The three bat wings used shades of brown/brown-red and cream for the spine trims and the claw-hooks. The purple winged Scourge was drybrushed using a bright violet that was later brought out with the matte varnish. The final Scourge was designed with sparrow wings. Their masks were done with vallejo gold and given a wash to get the eye effect. The armour was matte and gloss varnished to give their Ghostplate armour a shiny look, while their guns and wings were just matte varnished.

Really pleased with how these guys turned out. Currently I am working on a Venom while my grandfather does the Archon, he has some great ideas for him, and once they are done I will move onto the Incubi which will be done in the normal black and white, though that is only the plan and plans can change.


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