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To The Scion of Chemos
I mean, most of what you had to say was opinion, but they have more than that coming out in the next 5 months.
UE, Scars, New G&F, Talon of Horus, Path of the Archon, Visions of Heresy(kind of a reprint, but it is being "revised" so I would consider it different from the original collected visions), Stormcaller, Wolf of Sigmar, Master of Death, There is Only War(anthology, though IDK how much of it will be reprinted), Malodrax, Bane of Malekith. And that is just stuff that they have announced/is on amazon. I would not doubt at all that they will have more stuff.
Just to clarify things - New G&F - already read; Malodrax - already read
Talon of Horus; Stormcaller; Wolf of Sigmar, Master of Death - will not be released in 5 months period
And new news - Warmaster (Gaunt Ghosts) was postponed till July 2014 - Dan has too many projects and simply can't write faster.
And in the next 5 months we will have 4 anthologies, 4 Limited (OMG) , 67 SHORT STORIES, 10 reprints
Now go figured - how is that better when last years
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