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meh its nothing new that the Asatru community overreacts on movies and other fiction, taking things to serious and to personal. I for one preffer to enjoy the fiction the way it is supposed to be enjoyed, (hopefully) good entertainment that isnt to be taken to seriously.

on hte movie itself, the concept sounds ridiculus, especialy noting that one of those "artifacts" bears the name of a christian saint. how would thor have to get his hammer back? its his most priced possession he almost sleeps with it under his pillow, as a matter of speech that is.he only lost it once in the myths and thats only due to Loki's bastard tricks.

I choose to not take the movie serious, and to not be offended by the falseness of the "based on". its not my ignorance. above all its a waste of energy to wind youreself up over it. you could be doing something good, productive and/or fun instead.

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