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Boris stood outside the Sentinel bay, eyes wide and jaws agape as he heard a mighty roar from the sky. One guardsman had fired his lasgun, resulting in a domino effect of lasfire being fired wildly into the air. A giant winged beast burst through the sky, something that could only come from Boris' deepest nightmares. The vast amount of firepower had been directed towards this monster, and taken of course by a rocket. As it hurtled towards them, Boris desperately climbed onto his Sentinel, preparing for the worst. The monster slammed itself into the Governor's tower, causing it to crumble and collapsed. Boris clumsily entered the Sentinel, closing the hatch behind him. While the Machine Spirit was listing off the recent events, Boris let the knowledge of what just happened sink in. The Governor was dead. They had no commander. Boris needed to keep calm, he knew that, but the weight of the situation that made that almost impossible.

His train of thought was interrupted when an officer ran towards him chased by a horrific creature. It didn't look like a skate at all, for one, this thing was much more bigger. It had a vaguely humanoid shape, but it was clearly not something from this planet. Boris tuned his vox and addressed the other pilots. "Go help the others! I'll take care of this...thing!". He moved his Sentinel forward and yelled at the officer that was cowering behind the large leg. "Get out of here!". The officer ran off, leaving Boris alone with this horrid beast.

The monster threw itself towards the Sentinel. Boris attempted to grab the creature with his powerlifters, but the creature easily jumped out of the way. It once again threw it itself at Boris, this time smashing into the view port. The Sentinel stumbled around as Boris was shaken by the impact of the weight. The monster held onto the Sentinel, attempting to slice it's way through the canopy to get the tasty morsel lying inside. Boris pivoted the main body of the Sentinel to the right, before suddenly swinging it in the opposite direction, throwing the beast off. The monster attempted to stand up before being stepped on by the Sentinel's heavy foot repeatedly. Boris then revved up the drill before taking a step back and shoving it straight at the beast. It was gored as the drill ripped apart it's entrails. The monster flailed around in pain, giving out a horrible noise. Boris was overcome with a mixture of fear and anger, causing him to yell at the monster as he ripped it apart. "DIE!". The body of the creature went limp and Boris turned off the drill, leaving it's ravaged carcass on the ground. He heard lasfire and screaming in the distance, before a voice cried from his voxcaster.

"Contact! Contact at the front!"

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