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Oliver wasn't sure what to do. As the creature came stumbling to him he froze in place, startled from the ambush not knowing how he should act. As the monster was fixated on him, it lunged forward trying to impale him with whatever sharp points it could show. Oliver vaulted to the left avoiding the lethal attack with an agility that came at the right time. He knew he would never make a shot this close, so he unsheathed his chain knife and stabbed the creature on the back as fiercely as he could.

Seeing that the beast was not actually dead he stepped back a meter trying to catch his breath. Behind him the second gargoyle tried to rise so he shoved his chain knife through its head making a disgusting crunching sound. As he was about to turn back, he felt a short sharp pain behind him and in mere seconds he was knocked over. He could see the first gargoyle, standing up with its crude wings open, fluids streaming from its back and its fleshborer pointed at him ready to fire.

Guided by his reflexes he threw himself to the right avoiding the lethal beetle that crushed and steamed at the cold surface behind. At first he thought he was done for sure. He had completely lost his balance and the beast would have a clean shot at him. But as he lifted his gaze, the beast had stumbled down and fallen. Its legs which were little more than stump extensions had completely stiffened from the cold and the thing had fallen down its weapon pressed against its weight. Without losing this opportunity or wasting time to draw a ranged weapon Oliver lunged forward chain knife in hand and stabbed the thing where one wing was united with the torso. After the cold blackened strip had been torn, jumping to the left to avoid the beast biting his feet, he plunged the chain knife deep into the hole the gargoyle's wing had been and moved it frantically up and down showering the area in a stream of warm multicolored substances.

With the three gargoyles dead and ironically having wasted no ammo, Oliver thanked the god emperor that he was somehow alive and victorious against these unholy abominations and sat against the wall, holding his vox caster tight, waiting for orders.

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