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Emperor's frozen nads!, thought Joric as his ears caught the sound of an immense roar that pierced through the billowing winds of Geminar. He knew what a skate sounded like, having fended them off from his father's delivery caravans, and by the Emperor that was no mere skate. Lasgun readied, Joric scanned the area in front of him, ready to bring down the abominable thing that made that noise. Then, the crack of a lasgun shot pierced the winds; aiming into the sky. The shot was eerily close, coming from a nearby person Joric never met. Instincts aflame, he aimed his lasgun high, his finger squeezing the trigger as the sight of an immense flying monstrosity came, causing his fellow soldiers to fire as well. At the back of his mind, he commended the trooper who spotted the creature, but fear quickly took over his shots missed the flying fiend. It would be several missed shots later that a very lucky missile shot had pierced the thing's head. Joric's heart rose as the creature fell to a terminal descent, but dropped just as soon as he realised where it was going to crash. The monster hurtled into the governor's tower, the air shook with the results of the impact as the building crumbled.

His mind reeling from the implications of the Governor's death, Joric barely heard the sound of footsteps in the ow. At first, he thought it would be skates, but a realisation dawned on him. Skates swam through the snow, they did not have any feet whatsoever. He turned back to the front and cold terror, rivaling the cold of Geminar pierced his heart. His eyes widened as he caught the sight of gleaming eyes through thick snow, which belonged to insecto-reptilian creatures t were hurling themselves at the Geminar lines. Afraid, he readied his lasgun and yelled into his vox caster, he could barely contain his fear. "Contact! Contact at the front!"
How's that?

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