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Default Frozen Secrets

Frozen Secrets Day 1
as word breaks out of a tyranid invasion, most of the troops of the PDF are dumbstruck, hoping and praying to the golden throne and the emperor himself that it's just a cruel miner's idea of a joke... but as the governor issues a Priority distress call a ghastly sound rips through the harsh winds of one of Geminar's storms. It rips deep into the ice and the earth, penetrating into the deepest depths of the outposts, subterranean hubs, and even the under ice relics of old that are makeshift towns and cities... It's the sound of a massive tyranid struggling to fly despite the supernatural cold of the planet. countless guardsmen search the skies, rifles primed and ready as they search for the source of the creature that made the sound, one thing they all knew though was this was no skate.... skates could get large, but no skate could get large enough to make that sound... and it didn't sound like a skate at all.... sounded worse, much worse. as they searched one guardsmen got lucky, spying through a scope he spotted a massive beast and in a flight of panic let off a shot from his las rifle. the sudden fire caused a chain reaction as every guardsmen holding a gun zeroed in on where the shot was towards and opened fire like mad... there was no order to fire, no resounding bellowing call from a commissar saying "OPEN FIRE", it was just chaos amongst the ranks as guardsmen fired till they were dry and then frantically searched for a bigger gun. it didn't take long for them to drag out ancient anti aircraft guns and open up as well, sending a torrent of las bolts, stub rounds, and even rockets into the sky.... there was no care what so ever as to what should happen to the rounds should they miss their mark, they were firing everything they had.

the massive tyranid let out a ghastly roar of pain and rage, the cold was one thing, but being attacked was another entirely. as it tried to adjust it's wings to make a run on the attacking guardsmen a stray rocket impacted the side of it's head, wedging deep into the creatures eye and sending it far off course. as the creature started to go down word came to the troops that they needed to hold, the governor was sending the burst transmission now... but by then it was too late. the creature smashed into the governor's tower with incredible force. as the tower began to fall all hope seemed lost, but at the last moment as the tower was falling the burst transmission fired, sending out the priority distress signal to imperial command, and more importantly, the arasties themselves.

even with the creature downed, there was still a fight ahead. an alien sound began to wash over the garrison breaking though the silence of awe and shock as the tower fell. it was a sound the PDF were not accustomed to, sure they were used to skate attacks in mass, but those were generally without warning, but this was diffrent. the sound of hundreds of feet smashing down against the ice and snow resonated throughout the garrison as a horde of tyranids rushed it's walls. Immediately and without hesitation the officers rally their men, bringing order to the chaos that had ensued from the sudden appearance of the massive creature. the only thing to do now was to hold the line, and pray to the god emperor himself that they could last.

================================================== ===========================
This is Zero hour guys, The moment the governor's signal was sent and the reason the ultra marines didn't get a reply. The Governor is dead, his tower fallen, and a wave of tyranids is upon it. time to man up or hide in a corner.

ALL: Please post your character's reaction and actions to the above. where were you? what did you do? how do you react? please also conciser your personal bits when posting. your personal bits are below.

Joric Talund : you're but 20 ft from the man who first spotted the massive monstrosity. though it was mostly concealed by the storms and the clouds above he was the one who essentially caused everyone to start shooting. though as the tower falls the sound of hundreds of footsteps peaks your interest. it would be a horrid time for a skate attack, but skates swim through the ice and snow, they dont run across it... they have no legs or feet. that's when you see them, hundreds of gleaming eyes in the distance that rip through the storm like the blazing of torches. an army of gaunt is on the horision, charging full boar towards the city walls. they however seem extremely chaotic, charging the gates in a disorganized manner.

Anthony Lecutis: you're back near the vehicle bay doors that lead down into the depths of the garrison. a strange beeping sound peaks your interest more so than the sound of the stampeed coming towards the city walls. gazing down at your sonar mapper you see an erratic signal and immediately attempt to tune your device to track it. at first you think it's a skate who managed to burrow under the walls again. this would not be uncommon but it would be a poor time for it. but as you zero in on it's signal you begin to realize that it's actually quite large. you advise the men around you that they have an incoming Prime class skate, one of the larger ones recorded. this is just a best guess however as you have no way of knowing what's actually coming. as you advise the men where it's going to surface the unthinkable happens; a Ravener erupts from the ice right where you thought the skate would erupt, and immediately begins taking out the stunned guardsmen. it's carapace however seems damaged and brittle. it's not built for the cold, not yet.

Oliver DÝvig: you're near the front wall by a set of heavy stub gun turrets as things start to go a bit wrong. the unfamiliar sound of a stampede nears the walls and you can easily hear the bewildered gasps of men as they try and cope with what they're seeing as an army of gaunts makes their way towards the walls. as men rush towards the turrets to man them you hear a violent crash behind you where you had been only a moment or two ago. a trio of gargoyles seemed to have crashed into the place where you had just been standing. one lay dead having it's head caved in by the force of the impact, another struggles to rise but it's wounds from the impact are sever, the final gargoyle makes to charge you though it has no luck for traction on the slick ice. it's carapace seems brittle from the cold and it's movements erratic and sluggish as if it's attacking the first thing it saw, which unfortunately happens to be you.

Boris Kavrov: with the impact of the creature into the governor's tower you clamber back into your walker, pulling the hatch closed just as a series of dull thuds sounds on the hull of the sentinel. as you make your way out towards the center of the garrison flanked by two more sentinels you take in the whole situation. the machine spirit of your walker warns you of several things and asks you to act on one. the city walls are about to be beseaged by a wave of gaunt and reports have come in that grounded flyers have begun attacking it's flanks to silence the heavy stub guns. a chunk of the tower has fallen onto the civilian ward doors trapping many non combatants in the combat zone. heavy lifters are needed to remove the debris so the civilians can escape. a seismic disturbance was also detected near the vehicle bay doors with readings of a rather large skate, and finally a peace of the tower has collapsed part of the armory, crews are needed to remove the debris so more soldiers can be armed to fight. Either way you soon find yourself with your own problems, a terrified officer runs past your view port screaming for his life, chased by a tyranid warrior with hunger in it's eyes, though you stand between it, and it's meal who now hides behind your walker's large legs.

Jewels: you're with a group of officers who are organizing several heavy weapons teams right infront of the armory moments before it takes a direct hit from debris from the falling tower. one moment you're barking orders to a bunch of white caps, the next you find yourself lifted clean off your feet and flung back as a massive support beam from the tower crashes into the ground at an odd angle, turning a small squad of white caps into nothing more than a red stain on the ground. to your horror the beam doesn't stick it's landing and crashes into the armory trapping many non combatants and combatants inside, killing more than it's fair share as it collapses part of the building. the beam itself is nearly twice the width of a baneblade and the section of it that hit the ground near you is long enough to nearly cleave the armory in half, and take out a good chunk of a command building behind it. the dust only just settles from the impact when you hear a group of white caps scream out the word "Monster!" before a guttural death cry sounds. that's when you see it, a large tyranid Lictor. It's carapace is cracked, it's missing one of it's scythe arms, and it generally looks worse for ware but it's still a massive threat. the body of the white cap lay impaled on it's remaining scythe arm, and to your shigrin, the white cap had the mind to prime a grenade before he died. a good shot from your shotgun could potentially trigger the explosive, but the creature isn't going to make it easy.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.

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