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Interesting idea to do this, but right now, i don't like where BL is going.

Serial novels (with the omg prices for episode); 1 thousand words shorts (with the omg prices for each); Limited editions novellas(with the omg prices - and OMG + delivery); anthologies (here prices are ok - but the last 2 anthologies were shit); reprints and etc.

With each passing month it's less and less normal (with ok price) novels.

Look at the next 5 months - only 5 novels (that are not old or could be read at all): Unremembered empire; MASTER OF DRAGONS; Warmaster; SMB novel about Iron Snakes in the Sabbat Worlds crusade and Vengeful spirit.

Everything else - exclusive LE, anthologies, anthologies, reprints, (BLACK LIBRARY CLASSICS)

It's very sad
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