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I'm not sure sold on them as It stands. I've read the Brazen Claws, Iron Hands, Space Sharks, Howling Griffons and Fury.

Like I said in the other thread - https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=128767 - 1k words just isn't enough to say anything memorable. Take the Iron Hands one, Iron Soul, nothing really happens until the end and the potential for it regarding Iron Hands progression is phenomenal, either Digital Marines or AI, which if you add in Stronos trying to steer the chapter away from bionics and mechanisation creates great story potential, but the likelihood of this being developed further is next to nill.

Plus as it stands I've spent £5 on ebooks, I could get 2-3 decent books on Kindle for that or possibly a decent ebook from the BL for that.

1k words just isn't enough, only good thing these ebooks do is that it's nice to see other less mainstream chapters mentioned, but in 1k words these chapters only exist in name only, there is no personality behind them.

If your going to games day pick up the collected anthology instead, or wait for said anthology to be possibly released later. Otherwise unless there is a short about a chapter you love, save your money.

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