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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Reaper you talented fecker, that is excellent, + rep and hope the business side is a success to boot!
Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Reaper, I missed this thread before but this is excellent stuff. I wonder if there is a totally non-grained (and non-porous) synthetic that would work?

That would prevent the problems with grainy texture and also distortion from absorbing water while painting.

Maybe 1/8th inch PVC will work. I used to work for a sign company and we used that as one of our substrates.
Cheers folks.

Kreuger, theoretically you can laser cut any mayerial, it all comes down to cost really. MDF is pretty inexpensive. And the stuff with no grain (like the containers) takes paint *ok*, a light wash with watered down PVA glue helps with the absorption of the paint.

And as a special treat, here's a little early WIP on what's currently on my digital work table:

A nice and simple city block building. There are companies out there that offer similar products (such as 6-10 story buildings) but more often than not they're plain faced buildings. So I set out to do my own that maintains the ease of assembly (so you could realistically knock together a city of them in an evening) but has a little more detail on the surface.

There are no interior floors (yet, I may do a version with them at some point). These buildings are purely to "bulk up" the table for lack of a better term.

As it is, the back wall cannot fit onto the same sheet as these three. I'm going to experiment with breaking the back wall into smaller jigsaw sections and dotting them around the sheet. I'm loathe to put it on a second sheet as it effectively doubles the cost of building.


It has also occurred to me that this style of building would be perfect for a small scale game (obviously re-sized accordingly), such as dropzone commander. Something where you don't need to access the interior of the buildings.

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