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Default Need help identifying a melody

Hi everyone,

I need your help on settling a score made between me and the singer in a band that I know.

The score is regarding a song you can find on their Facebook profile (Yes, click it, it's a link) and the song called "In Fade"

Now, if you listen to the verse (the first melody sung by the singer in the song) and the melody that the singer sings, I am positive that I have heard it before. However, I simply cannot remember where or which song it is.

Now I need your help in telling me one or the other; Is the melody to be found somewhere else or am I simply hearing a melody that is instantly memorable? As they are about to enter the studio, I would want to clarify this before they record it in prime quality (as the recordings are from a EP they recorded like 3 years ago).

I hope you can help me with this little matter, as it's driving me nuts to be honest

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