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Default The Dead sleep no more.

Alright, this is a sort-of a sequel to Oubliette of Solemn Oblivion. True, it was never finished but I have noticed that Zombie RPs are my speciality.

"This is an emergency broadcast to all who serve the blessed Emperor. This is Planetary Governor Silas Mandal of Goidelaer II and the situation here is critical. Emperor preserve us from what ever blight has come to us. It began four weeks ago when Mechanicum satellite 36505 detected a large mass entering the Goidelaer sector. Holo-scans have confirmed it to be a Space Hulk. At first we thought nothing of it, we reported it to Segmentum command and that was it. It was only a week later that we learned that it was headed on a crash course with our world. It was too late by the time we learned of this, as the Hulk was far too close and immense for any orbital defense we had to divert it. When we estimated the the thing's trajectory, we immediately ordered an evacuation of the coastal areas. We were too late, some unholy will lent the starborn terror speed, ploughing through the skies and smashing into the Faedhoibh ocean. By him on Terra I remember the day of impact, for the planet shaked like a furious deity. The waves that battered the coastline were titanic, rending the cities as though they were nothing. The settlements that were far from the epicenter, damaged as they were, reported another ill omen. The once blue ocean became like raw sewage, its beautiful sea breeze now warped into the scent of rotted corpses. Many concerns emerged that day; what of the survivors? What is to be done about the contamination? We were to monitor it, see that it does not spread into our vital agricultural water supplies. It wasn't until we sent aid groups to the most devastated zones, that we were to learn of our greatest concern. Backed by PDF and Guard units from the two regiments on leave here, the teams went in. According to reports, at first the cities were empty, the teams assumed everyone was washed out into that fetid mire of an ocean. That is, until they saw movement under the rubble. As they removed it, they found someone. The report indicates that the person looked worse for wear, possessing injuries that could kill a man . Accordingly, the eyes were heavily cataracted and the poor soul was aggressive, tearing a chunk out of the medicae's hand. His screams echoed throughout the ruins. What happened next was said to have chilled the hearts of all the personnel sent that day. A soul-rending moan came from deep within the city. It was then that they came into view, the citizens were all in the same condition as the one found within the rubble, all possessing the same ravenous look in their white eyes. The squads fired at the the mob, none of them fell. According to one of the officers, it was after their lasguns pierced their skulls that they finally fell. Immediately the Officer in command pulled them out, knowing there were too many to deal with. It was later on that the Medicae officer expired, but by the Emperor he didn't stay dead. He rose to attack one of mortuary officials, it was lucky a PDF officer was present to put the fiend down.

However, this was only the beginning. Some of the Aid groups were not as lucky as they were sent into the cities ruined by the Hulk's waves. Some incurred heavy casualties, reporting similar cases of those injured by the assailants suddenly expiring and then reanimating in front of their comrades. Then reports began to come in from the settlements least affected by the Hulk's waves were also experiencing similar phenomena, after partaking of contaminated water. Most disturbing of all, the Native clans began to arrive in Faenchal's Stave, with tales of the dead walking out of the ocean upon their lips. Those clan members who have served in the regiments, recognise ruined Mordian uniforms on the walking corpses. It was then that we started hearing reports of attacks on the farms and settlements. The refugees did not know what they were dealing with, bringing infected relatives into safe havens. Faenchal's Stave itself has had reports of walking dead within the city, but so far they have easily been dealt with by Native civilians.

Two days ago, the hordes from the ruined cities and the putrid oceans have been spotted moving slowly towards the capital. We have mustered the several PDF and both Guard regiments, the Cadian 375th and our own Goidelaer 102nd to assemble here, to keep the Dead at bay. However civil unrest is beginning to manifest. Conflicts between city-folk and Native groups are rising, the rhetoric of street fanatics stirring the pot further. More refugees are pouring in from the hot zones. It is likely there will be plenty of infected among them; Emperor only knows if the Judicators and volunteer groups can hold back the dead within Faenchal's Stave. I can only hope this communique reaches the listener's ears.

Goideler II
A planet located on the border between the Segmentums Ultima and Obscura, Goidelaer II is a verdant agri-world. Were it not for its hyper-fertile soil, the planet would have simply been left alone as a Feral world. Much of the northern hemisphere is grassland and forest, possessed of a temperate climate perfect for staple crops sent to feed Hive worlds and Imperial Guard regiments across the Imperium. The central and southern lands are perfect for more luxury-based produce imported to paradise worlds and spoilt aristocrats.

Goidelaer II is home to two different human populations; the Colonials, who's ancestors arrived in M36 to make use of the hyper-fertile soil and Gothic is spoken as a first language. The other culture call themselves the Aoisaech, who's ancestors are reckoned to have arrived during the Dark Age of Technology. Millennia of isolation have turned them into a proud warrior culture, though they didn't start using technology until the Imperium of Man arrived. Their view of the Emperor is somewhat different compared to that practiced by the Colonials, since it is an adapted pantheistic take on the Imperial Creed. One can easily tell the difference between a Colonial and Aoisin. An Aoisin generally has brown, black or red hair, often grown long and braided. Their complexion is fair and often have green or blue eyes. Their society is clan-based and nomadic, tattooing is an important rite of passage and general carry useful, if primitive weaponry such as bows, swords and spears; lasguns have been showing up much more in the clans, since a discharged Goidelaeri guardsman can keep his weapon if he so wishes. Though they do speak Gothic, the Aoisaech clans speak their own language, said to be descended from one that predates the Dark Age of Technology. Though tensions exist between the two Imperial cultures, the ruling family cannot deny that the ways of the Aoisaech contribute to the planet's output to the wider Imperium. The clans provide 75% of the meats exported to other parts of the Emperor's realm and know the wilder parts of Goidelaer II that bring more produce for the tithe. Furthermore, the nomadic warrior culture of the Aoisaech provides perfect recruits for the Imperial Guard alongside the Colonials. Their self-reliance generally means that the Munitorum only need be concerned with equipping more advanced armaments to Aoisin members of a Goidelaeri regiment provide their own close-combat weapons and armour...once they move past their issues with space flight.

As a participant, you will have choice of what your role is within the rp. You will choose from four groups:

Goidelaer 102nd*
You have a choice of 4 characters within this regiment.
  • 1 Commanding Officer (taken by moi 3:-) )
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 2 Standard Guardsman
In terms of equipment, they carry standard Guard gear. A commanding officer can take non-standard weaponry. Colonial uniforms are closer to a standard Guard uniform whilst Aoisaech wear mostly chainmail and light fabrics; regardless both are green and red. A Sergeant can take a power sword, power fist and replace his laspistol with a plasma pistol. A Guardsan, regardless of origins, takes a lasgun (which one of them can replace with a special weapon) and a close combat weapon of some sort, since Aoisin Guardsmen tend to trade their Surplus blades with Colonial squadmates. This can result in them carrying swords, daggers and even an axe. Some even carry a bow, often for purposes of quiet hunting but can be applied situations where other ranged weapons have run empty.

Cadian 375th
  • 1 Commanding Officer
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 2 Guardsmen
Same deal as Goidelaer 102nd (both regiments have been around long enough to establish a trading network, except they are uninterested in Aoisin chainmail.)

  • 1 Commanding Officer
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 2 Standard PDF troopers

Same as the Guard in terms of equipment.

Judicators and Civil Wardens*
  • 2 Judicators
  • 2 Civil Wardens
Judicators are generally equipped with less advanced variations of Guard equipment. The Wardens, being civilian volunteers use whatever they own.

  • Techpriest
  • Priest
  • Rogue Trader

*For purposes of balance, 2 characters may be Colonial and two may be Aoisaech (who's names have a Gaelic feel)
**Doesn't have to be Goidelaeri or Cadian

My Character

Name: Captain Tadhlinn Omerach

Homeworld: Goidelaer II (Aoisaech)

Age: 36

Role: Goidelaer 102nd Commanding Officer

Appearance: Being of the Aoisaech clans, Tadhlinn possesses the deep green eyes and long hair, woven into intricate braids, so often sported by the clanfolk. The Captain also bears the azure, arboreal tattoos of his rite of passage upon his face and has several on his arms and chest. He is also relatively tall, standing at 6ft in height and is possessed of a slim but muscular figure. Tadhlinn also has a single scar, running from his left eyebrow to the edge of his cheekbones.

Personality: It would be appropriate to state that Tadhlinn is a grim individual. Years of watching his fellow Guardsmen die have hardened an already hard heart. A realist by nature, the Captain sees any situation for what it presents itself as. Any humour he does engage in is often laconic and laced with sarcasm. Despite this, he will look out for his men and does not view them as expendable. Tadhlinn cares little for the cultural tensions of the Goidelaeri, as long as it does not interfere with the overall objective, then he will pay very little heed.

Background: The son of Teyrn Nuadhain of clan Doibhach, Tadhlinn spent most of his life learning the prerequisites of leadership. This would not be so, for the time of Goidelaer's manpower tithe had come and as the most martially able of the Teyrn's sons, he had to join. Given his position as nobility, Tadhlinn was offered command of a squad; like so many Aoisin nobles before him, he refused, he preferred his position to be earned. Like so many of the clanfolk, the then-Private required very little melee training and was one of those Aoisin elected to aid in the training of Colonial members of the regiment. He could see that it was an effective ploy to break the cultural barriers between both groups.

It was during his first engagement against an Orks warband that had earned him his renowned scar...and an early promotion. It was a comparatively minor skirmish, an ambush that went slightly awry when it was learnt that the squad was being stalked by Kommandos. A close run with the Nob leading them left Sergeant Marillios dead and Tadhlinn with his rank. It would be many years later, after plenty of years waging war against the enemies of the Daegadh (Emperor), that the now Captain Tadhlinn found himself on his and the men's homeworld, on leave and recruitment drives. Alas, he had hoped to immerse himself in the ways of the Aoisaech, but the arrival of the Space Hulk has changed all of that.

Wargear: Power sword, bolt pistol, Aoisin chainmail, camo-cloak, dagger and melta bombs.
Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Dramatis Personnae
Farseer Ulthris- Aoisin Captain Tadhlinn Omerach

VixusKragov- Aoisin Sergeant Cormac Eóghain

Chaplain-Grimaldus- Cadian Sergeant Gaius Valentine

xAngelicZ- Father Anais Galan

Cleanser- TBA

Since we will be having characters who's first language is not Gothic. Use this colour to indicate the character is speaking Aoisladh; imagine that it would sound like Irish Gaelic, with a slight hint of Welsh and Breton for good measure.

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"

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