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Once again, thank you for your in-depth reply.

Originally Posted by Ratvan View Post
Lords -0-187.5
Heroes -0-187.5
Core -187.5+
Special -0-375
Rare -0-187.5
Ok that makes sense to me--for some reason I thought Lords and Heroes shared their 25% points maximum.

Originally Posted by Ratvan View Post
Goblin Warboss - 78 pts
Light Armour, Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield

Night Goblin Big Boss - 74 pts
Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour, Shield, Standard of Discipline

Night Goblin Shaman - 50 pts

21 Night Goblins - 73 pts
Short Bows, Musician

40 Night Goblins - 185 pts
Musician, Standard Bearer, Nets

3 Trolls - 105 pts

Squig Herd - 135 pts
15 Squigs, 5 Night Goblins

Goblin Wolf Chariot - 50 pts
This list looks much better! The trolls seem like a good suggestion, I will definitely get some of those for my army. However, I think I will stick with the 2 fanatics over the chariot--I just love how ridiculous they are, even if they don't end up being worth their points.

Are squig hoppers really not that great? I am a complete newbie to warhammer fantasy, but I really like the look of the models and the idea of a quasi-cavalry unit.

Originally Posted by Ratvan View Post
With your Core you want to spend the bare minimum amount of points or as close to it as possible as for Goblin Players they simply provide numbers.
Looking at my original list it does seem I have far to much invested in my core units and thus, lacked any real 'hitting power'. The other good thing about this list is I already have all the spearmen/shortbows I'd need.

Originally Posted by Ratvan View Post
Finally I wrote an OnG Tactic thread regarding building army lists as well as how to set up and effective "checkerboard" tactic with your units I personally think that it is worth the read, although I do need to update it at some point

Thanks, I'll check it out.

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