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We also long as you have 25% in core and do not have more than 25% in Heroes, Lords and Rare and 50% in special you're sorted so for 750 points it goes like

Lords -0-187.5
Heroes -0-187.5
Core -187.5+
Special -0-375
Rare -0-187.5

Personally (because I have the models) I would do something like this:

Goblin Warboss - 78 pts
Light Armour, Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield

Night Goblin Big Boss - 74 pts
Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour, Shield, Standard of Discipline

Night Goblin Shaman - 50 pts

21 Night Goblins - 73 pts
Short Bows, Musician

40 Night Goblins - 185 pts
Musician, Standard Bearer, Nets

3 Trolls - 105 pts

Squig Herd - 135 pts
15 Squigs, 5 Night Goblins

Goblin Wolf Chariot - 50 pts

Firstly the all NG Theme is cool but in practise it lacks Leadership, hence the Goblin Warboss he has an extra point of leadership over the NG equivalent but you can model him to be a NG Warboss,however if you want to be all NG then swap it for a NG Warboss

With your Core you want to spend the bare minimum amount of points or as close to it as possible as for Goblin Players they simply provide numbers.

The above list gives you most of the items that you would use in larger games, personally I don't take Fanatics IMO they're too expensive (point wise) and have caused me far more damage to my own troops then my opponents. If you really want them however drop the chariot (for now) and have 2 in the Short Bow unit as it is likely that you'll only get 1 turn of shooting and stand and shoot reaction with the unit anyway may as well try and ramp up the damage (also when releasing them try and get them to stop short of hitting the enemy unit so they have to move over the Fanatic taking more damage)

Trolls are a great unit for Orc and Goblin Armies and at this point level a unit of 3 should do really well as I wouldn't expect too many units with flaming attacks

Squig Herds I love the amount of S5 attacks they can provide is great for the point cost, plus they're such an iconic unit its hard not to love them.

Finally I wrote an OnG Tactic thread regarding building army lists as well as how to set up and effective "checkerboard" tactic with your units I personally think that it is worth the read, although I do need to update it at some point

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