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Default Bits and pieces

Just done the first washes on the blood slaughterer then remembered the washes take a while to dry, so thought photos!

Firstly the blood thirster. Essentially basecoats, then washed and highlighting.

Scratch built flyers. Inspired a bit (in my head at least!), by stargate F303 fighters. Wings, icons, muzzles from kits. Guns, fuselage, bombs, engine are scratch built. Heavy drybrush of grey, with a lot of washes of black.

Two together;

Topview of one:

Plastic structure. Plating made of thin plasticard. Rivets are drilled.


Hole in the underside for the stand.

Wing wepons:

Bombs are pen, with a chaos gun muzzle and plasticard fins. Autocannons are plasticar tube. Muzzles are card. Ammo hoppers are made of plasticard and plasticard rod used to detail bullets/ammo chains.

Front view:

Lascannons are pens, with chaos muzzles and sprue to make the support underneath.

Side view:

Rear view

Engine is a thin slice of pen for the base ring, with plasticard rod for detail/jets.

In flight

Bases are wood, with large 'crates' (wood blocks detailed with plasticard.) to help anchor the stand.

Bezerker 'barry' in front for a sense of scale.

WIP demon Prince of Tzneetch

Robes took a bit of filling and sanding to get rid of fingerprints. I'm hoping it will be smooth once undercoated. The wings are from an old hippogriff. Heavily pinned to get him upright. The tail is from an old dark elf dragon. Modified base to keep him balanced.

Thanks for looking.

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