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Default A VERY long overdue update!

Hello again heretics. It's been a while. Life has been a bit crazy for the last two/three years, so not a lot of 40K time, but I have finally managed to get some time.

Current project is a blood slaughterer. I love this model, and its been sitting in a box for about 18 months, waiting to be put together. Probably used as a maulerfiend in 'normal' games.

Currently done basecoats. Next steps are final assembly and washes. I've also experimented with a marbling technique. Its come out best on the shoulder guards, but I'm pretty happy with the overall effect. May tweak the ones on the main body at a later date though.

All the bits:

Main body:

Shoulder guards:

I think the marbling was better here.


Blade arms:

Rear legs:

Again, the marble effect seems to have come out better on these.

Haven't got the front legs, as they look similar to the rear, but without the marbling (not enough armour).

Given how easy it would be to break the claws, I want to sort out a base. Can anyone tell ne what size base the maulerfind uses, as I think this would be about right.

In terms of other stuff I mentioned last time I posted.

RC landraider: Panel gaps were a nightmare. Now circuit board has stopped working. Think this needs a
rethink, but not sure how. Sadly, raider model I used is a bit knackered!

Flyers: Made and painted. may add chaos symbols at a later date. Hopefully pics to follow.

Basilisk/random converted tanks: Need painted, but have started.

Bloodthirster: Awaiting finishing touches.

Chosen: Need to get hold of more bits.

Cheers and thanks for looking.


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