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I was quite exhausted after Tactical squad. They were for our local forum competition which never was. I wanted to do finally something extra. I decided to do Terminator. In the end I was so proud of him that I start to call them Proudlords.
Also add some fluff to them:

Although all veterans in 1st Company undergo training with Tactical dreadnought armour, there are only few who earned the right to always wear it on battlefield. They are called Proudlords. Seasoned veterans and most elite units in Black Lions chapter.


Painted model Proudlord Callean. My first attempt to paint blonde hair. He may looks funny but I decided to not repaint it. I like him like that. Also all veteran models use, in addition to main scheme, gold and green colour as symbol of veterancy.

For more detail pics check this video
Proudlord Callean

I also converted two more models

I use my custom bits on these models to make them more unique.

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