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Default Black Lions - Entarion's DIY Space Marine chapter

'I was there, the day Luther slew the Lion.'

'Welcome weary travelers to domain of the Black Lions. Here you'll find their mighty force. Enjoy your stay.' - Remembrancer Sarmëiaur

Let me explain easily what Black Lions are about
-take inspiration from Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars
-don't follow Codex Astartes to the point
-don't get on well with Ultramarines
-elitist chapter using a lot of veteran units
-use heavy weapons and units alongside with fast LS and bikes
-have Fallen Hunters unit. Very secretive, elite, chaplain-like unit led by chaplain.
-have only Venerable Dreadnoughts
-their names are derived from Elven words
-using HE and Scibor bits with lot of my own creations
-symbol is any Lion head. HE lion pads used by Tactical, Assault and Devastator marines. Veterans use Scibor lion pad on left shoulder. Proudlords use 2 Scibor pads on both shoulders.

Fluff and other things around them are still very WiP. With this project log and future fluff log I will try to shape them more to my liking. I know this is not much info but homebrew is like a child and grows only with time and dedication.

What to do list:

1st Company
8x Lion Guard (Honour Guard)
5x Proudlords with Thunderhammers
5x Proudlords with Lighting Claws
5x Proudlords with heavy weapons
10x Vanguard Veterans
10x Sternguard Veterans
5x Fallen Hunters (LotD)
1x Chaplain

3rd Company
Morraw the Black Lion (HQ)
Venerable Dreadnought
20x Tactical marines
5x Assault marines
6x Veterans scouts
3x Devastator Centurions

Land Raider Ares
Command Rhino
Land speeder fast response unit
- 2x Land Speeder
- Land speeder storm
Quad bikes

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