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Warrior Priests are boss. I face them a lot and they CONSISTENTLY perform. They should not be taken alone, and work very well with a Level 4 caster, particularly in the dispel world. In addition, if you have a level 4 with, say Light, it makes your opponent play run around trying to figure out what to stop: the amazing for Empire Light buff spells, or the equally amazing Warrior Priest bound spells. Mathhammer: Lets say you are casting Barona's Timewarp with your level 4. You have 2 Warrior Priests and 10 Power dice, your opponent has 6 and a level 4. You throw 4 dice and get the spell off on a 15. Your opponent now has to chase that with 4 dice, 3 to even make it and 1 for insurance. That leaves him down to 4 dice vs your 8. You can now bait him with your bound spells. Will he let them through risking 5+ wards and whatnot? Or will he try to chase them down dice for dice? Either way, that's not a game he's going to win and you will get off plenty of bound spells.

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