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I fail to see how soft scoring really changes the score so severely that people are that upset about it. If its part of the tournament rules then its part of the rules. You might as well complain about people spamming lists built by pro players that other people steal cause they didn't make them themselves if you want to complain about commission painting. If you don't have time to learn to paint your models to a high standard, you could just as easily claim its unfair cause you don't have time to practice the game enough. It seams like an easy thing to get around... you get X number points for something that you are already doing... YEHA! Oh, you didn't do these basic things that are expected? Well you miss the free points...

And as far as people being dicks or not, I think if someone was being a true dick he would get kicked out. The award is there for that guy that keeps the places mood good while everyone is stressing out over rules. I have a guy that does that in my Army unit. If someone is being an outright ass then he gets a stern lecture, that's completely different from what the award is for.

Just my 2cents, Felt like magpie was all alone so i tried to give him a look out sir.

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