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Default The Lost Spawning of Opochtl

Just a little fluff to go with my imminent Lizardmen army. It's not perfect, but it works. My plan is to have a greyscale skin colour with my Slann and Skink Priests being in the more traditional style to differentiate between characters and the main force. This, I think, sets that up nicely:

Deep in the heart of the Southlands at the base of the World Edge Mountains lies Opochtl, Lost City of the Stars. Once it was a glittering Temple City that rivalled the splendour of the great cities in Lustria...then came the daemons.

Much like the other Temple Cities across the globe Opochtl was besieged. It didnít take long for the defending Slann to fall and the city to be overrun. Even as the city was being overrun, the Elves in the north completed their incantations and the Vortex drained the daemonís power and banishing them from the material world.

But it was too late for Opochtl. During the assault the Lines of Power that linked Opochtl to the other cities was shattered leaving it isolated in a sea of chaos. The City of the Stars faded from memory.
All hope was not lost however, shortly before the cities defences were breached a final brood of Saurus, Skinks and Kroxigor had been spawned. Initially, they were intended for use as ambushers, using their naturally dark scales to lurk in the shadows. With the death of the Slann, though, they were left leaderless.

For thousands of years this great host lay in hibernation deep within the vast Temple City, until eventually they were found. The ancient Slann, Lord Gribb, had visions of the mighty army and sent his two most trusted Skink Priests, Tlatloc and Tlitli, to investigate. After years of search, the pair located the Lost City.

Today, the Lost Spawning of Opochtl travel the Old World, loyally following the orders of their adopted leaders into battle in the relentless search for the plans of the Old Ones.
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