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Default Please help trim this list 2000 points Space Marines

Currently its at 2000 points but hoping to get some of the new centurions so wondering what i could drop. Thanks

Captain Lysander (with Terminators)

Command squad four plasma- Razorback with Lascannons


Terminator squad 6 marines chain fist cyclone missile launcher


Tactical Squad 10 marines with Multi Melta,Flamer -Rhino

Tactical Squad 10 marines,Plasma Cannon,Plasma Gun-Rhino

Scout Squad 8 snipers , 1 Missile Launcher Camo cloaks-

Scout Squad 8 Bolters , 1 Heavy bolter (teleport beacon for Terminators)

Fast Attack
Bike Squad 4 bikers,2 meltas
Space marine attack bike with multi melta -

Storm Talon with Skyhammer Missiles
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