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Originally Posted by Over Two Meters Tall! View Post
Both examples refer to modified humans, being either cybernetic or external tech enhancing their already superior skills. On both counts, they sound like they'd be at the top of the IG troop performance or possibly on par with Maggard, the bodyguard of Petronella Vivar in Horus Rising and False Gods.

If you transplant them to 40K, they'd both be owned by an Astares of whatever pursuasion, although they may get in a lucky shot if they're underestimated. Astares are built stronger/quicker/tougher/smarter/etc. from the genetic level up, then they're loaded with more tech than either of the characters have, including cybernetic implants of various types. Then you load on decades/centuries of battlefield experience and the cut scenes in whatever current videogame seem somewhat lessened.
I think you underestimate them a little the feats they do in MGR would rate them much higher than that Raiden and Sam have taken on Armstrong whos nano enhancement make him as strong maybe stronger than any astartes. astartes are strong but not the be all and end all some other fiction characters would outright destroy them with horrific ease. One such is the protagonists aka virus monstrosities that tyranids would love to have on there swarm from prototype they have faced several super soldiers as strong as any astartes code D and project orion respectively they got destroyed. see these things can get stronger and stronger the more biomass they consume are also absolute shapeshifters as they control all the cells in there body can turn there body into any weapon bio blades claws hammer fists even organic versions of power fists or anyone they choose plus if they consume a victim they get there memories and everything whihc makes them the ultimate in infiltration as well

ok a few more ninja gaiden shinobi they have faced not only armies but also deamonic creatures as well i belive ryu has beaten something a kin to a bloodthrister in NG2 the arch fiend

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