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Default Need a little help for a possible fanfic story

Anyone highly knowledgeable in the fluff can you tell how these characters from other fiction would do in warhammer 40k

First up Raiden and Samuel Rodriguez(sam) from metal gear rising.

Some feats raiden in full cyborg body during prologue level which is a heavily modified MGS4 chasy he showed unbelievable strength lifting and tossing a huge metal gear ray, insane speed what seem like one slash held multiple cuts during the first cutscene and that was way weaker a cyber body that the current one.

Current one is specifically designed for battle and nothing but making superior to most cyborgs in terms of both speed and strength

Something tells me the mechanicus would love to examine him they like cybernetics. of course this would end badly due to raiden not wanting to be the brunt of experiments again. The patriots did enough.

Now Sam a little MGR spoiler

gonna ask for more opinions later of different characters later
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