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Default Tyranids Changing Colour

Okay I was painting up my Dark Eldar, in between I was reading my Tyranid codex and read the entry where Tyranids and Orks were sealed away in some bubble. It's established that 'Nids make specific 'Nids the deal with certain situations and such. Which I always find cool.

Now this got me thinking. What makes 'Nids their respective colours? Marines colours are because of their various chapters, Guardsmen - Regiments, Eldar - colours of craftworlds etc. They all wear amours and can choose their respective colours. 'Nids aren't like that.

So what makes them their respective colours?

If this is an active decision on behalf of the hive mind, would 'Nids change their colour to blend into environments or for example the 'Nids are fighting Alpha legion on a planet they are trying to devour. The Legion repel the initial onslaught. Would the Hive Mind change colour to sort of resemble the Legion, in a weird way to blend in. I know a nid is not a Marine but they are insects, so using that logic they may represent the colours to a degree to 'blend in' since admittedly if yo look directly at them it's clearly a 'Nid out the corner of your eye in the heat of battle seeing your colours you may assume it's a friendly? Through extention of this if the 'Nids devoured the world but future planets in that legion were held by the Legion - assuming the colour choice is an active decision - would the Hive Fleet in future assaults in that system bear colours of the Legion either to blend in or a way to institutions fear that they just recently devoured an Alpha Legion world etc.

Sorry if I'm not clear here.

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