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Originally Posted by MEQinc View Post
It's simple physics, everything decays given enough time. Sure that time could be billions upon billions of years, but it will still happen. Given a sufficient period of time any act, however improbable, can be considered guaranteed. The death of the C'tan is highly improbable so clearly it will require a very long period of time to be considered guaranteed, but it will still happen.
How can you claim this as a certainty? The c'tan are cited as being tied to the very fabric of the universe and therefore nigh impossible to destroy. I could argue that their death won't occur until the universe itself finally collapses because there is no naturally occurring phenomenon capable of ending their existence.

Originally Posted by MEQinc View Post
My question again would be: is that a loss? I don't think we can say that losing influence over the material realm is something that Chaos would be overly concerned with.
Well it certainly isn't a lasting victory over the materium is it?

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