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First off, thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. I tend to start many of my posts off with a 'thank you', and some times I feel like a bit of a broken record. But, I mean it every time I say it. When I first started showing my work I was caught off guard by the response from the community I received; while I do good work, I can get... distracted and/or discouraged sometimes, and the good feedback really helps give me a boost and keep me focused on actually finishing things.

This p'log is playing a bit of catch-up with content I've been showing in a few other corners of the internet, so you can expect a modest bombardment of content over the next while. For example...

Ammo Drums, Smoke Launchers, and Search Lights, oh my!

These still have a few more details to be finished (mostly rivets) but they'll be done soon. I'm trying to keep everything modular and magnet ready. Yep, options and flexibility are good.

I've got a few other bits-and-pieces to go along with these, and I'll show them all off more when I can talk in length about my plans for these new kits. I think I might have a building article to add in the mix as well, but that's a for another post.

But before then, I have a large ramble I'd like to do about tools. You see, I have a bit of a... thing for quality tools and useful found items being turned into tools. So, stay tuned, and get ready to do some reading, if you are interested.

If tools, technique, and equipment isn't really your thing, don't worry, I have plans for painting tutorials and showcasing much more of my own army. Much more to come...

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