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Originally Posted by Over Two Meters Tall! View Post
I'm having trouble with the whole "Time doesn't exist in the warp" argument, in general and not just as you're using it in this discussion, as it's established as canon that the first Chaos God to emerge was Khorne, which didn't happen until sometime in early recorded human history.
The problem with this argument is that it assumes that the warp follows some kind of externally accessible logic, which it doesn't. For example: we know exactly when Slaanesh was born, shortly before the GC was launched. We know this because the birth of Slaanesh is the Fall of the Eldar. But we also know that Slaanesh existed prior to this point. She Who Thirsts is well-established in Eldar lore before the Fall and it is explicitly mentioned that she fueled her own birth. Slaanesh is her own father. That shit don't make sense but it happened. I agree with you that it doesn't make sense for time not to exist in the warp, but it doesn't. The warp doesn't make any sense. That's just about the only thing about it that's consistent.

If the Nid's biological residue rises again after a planet they cleansed was repopulated millennia after they first ate it out of house and home. In that case, then the Nids will own the Milky Way in the Long Game IMO.
There's no indication that the Nids operate in this fashion. To me it doesn't seem likely that they would because they aim to leave nothing organic behind. That includes there own organisms and would logically include there own eggs/whatever. It would be wasteful after-all to leave combat organisms in a non-combat zone. Plus, they'd starve to death rather quickly.

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